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Alternative Investments


Cost-Cutting Efforts Secure ETFs’ Future

As the industry endures market volatility and the onslaught of federal regulations, the search for cost reductions has become vital.

More Bad News for Asset Managers: Buybacks Lose Luster

An already brutal year for large-cap managers, with only 18% beating the Russell 1000 Index through June 30, according to research.

U.K. Property Fund Suspensions Send a Warning to the Junk Bond World

In pulling their money out of property funds at such a rapid pace four asset managers froze withdrawals this week, the investors showed how the cost of Brexit is spreading.

The REIT Strategy for Product Providers

In the second part of his interview with Money Management Executive, Menard expands on the firm’s strategy toward product innovation and what business it won’t pursue.

Handling Challenge of DoL Impact on Products

Neil Menard, group president CNL Capital Markets and president of CNL Securities, said that there is still much industry uncertainty about managing change.