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Hedge Funds


5 Financial Technology Moves to Watch

Asset management firms need to pay heed to the innovations happening in "fintech" right now, as peers and upstart digital firms provide clients with new ways to invest and manage money, and potentially new business models for the financial industry.

Fund Giants Jointly Seek Protection from Bond Conundrum

The world’s biggest money managers are mapping out proposals intended to grease trading in debt markets that regulators warn are at risk of seizing up in the event of a sudden rush by investors to pull cash.

Leveraged Lending Fears Spur Scrutiny

Regulators are now starting to show interest in how ties between leveraged loans and other links in the systemic chain -- including investment funds that buy up loans -- could magnify credit losses.

Muni Bond Sales Slow as Redemptions Fall

Municipal bond sales in the U.S. are set to decrease in the next month while the amount of redemptions and maturing debt falls.

SEC Accounting Probes Highlight Compliance Needs

With mutual fund assets growing exponentially, more private fund managers are taking advantage and launching retail funds. They might be unfamiliar with the scrutiny faced by traditional mutual funds, especially since Sarbanes-Oxley was passed. There are things to keep in mind when considering the best Sarbanes compliance practices.



Can Hedgies Damage Mutual Funds' Rep?

Hedge fund managers now no longer have to hide behind their websites because they are free to advertise openly to investors who meet their investment requirements courtesy of President Obama's JOBS Act.

Executive Briefings

Stadion Money Management has found itself a new distribution partner.

Alts Looking Better For Institutions, Advisors

As investing in alternatives such as real estate, private equity funds, hedge fund strategies and commodities grow in popularity, the way these are being used by institutions and investment advisors is changing.