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Hedge Funds


Industry Highlights and Trends

This week's roundup of notable industry news includes how fear over Fed interest rate hikes spurred investors to withdraw billions from bond ETFs this month.

Data Management Can Tap Transparency's Potential

A paradigm shift in operational strategy and approaches to managing data is needed that can only be put in motion by leaders with the imagination to believe that we really can deliver data to investors in real-time.

Pimco Still Favors European Long Bonds

While raising its forecasts for growth and inflation in Europe, Pimco expects long-dated yields to be further cut by the European Central Bank’s bond-buying program.

Dizzying Pre-IPO Tech Values Spurred by Rush of Hedge-Fund Money

Hedge funds and mutual funds that once shunned venture-style deals are flocking to late-stage technology startups, paying 15 to 18 times projected sales for the year ahead in recent private-funding rounds

Yellen-Proof ETFs Hedge Against Rising Rates

As the Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates, exchange-traded funds designed to protect bond portfolios from the fallout are likely to see big inflows.



Can Hedgies Damage Mutual Funds' Rep?

Hedge fund managers now no longer have to hide behind their websites because they are free to advertise openly to investors who meet their investment requirements courtesy of President Obama's JOBS Act.

Executive Briefings

Stadion Money Management has found itself a new distribution partner.

Alts Looking Better For Institutions, Advisors

As investing in alternatives such as real estate, private equity funds, hedge fund strategies and commodities grow in popularity, the way these are being used by institutions and investment advisors is changing.