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  • Asset Management Blogs Introduces Transparent Funds of Culver City, Calif. has added its own contribution to a new concept in the industry, a concept calls, "naked mutual funds." is applying the term "naked mutual funds" to the four funds it began offering last week to signify how "open, honest, upfront, direct is, literally, with nothing to hide," said Jeff Lloyd, vice president of marketing., which is offering its funds exclusively over the Internet, is trying to erase any barriers between investors and the funds' portfolio managers by posting changes to the portfolio and all fund holdings each day, Lloyd said. is also charging a management fee of only one percent on three of its funds - its Pure Play Internet Fund, Market Leaders Growth Fund and Community Intelligence Fund - and no charge on its S&P 500 Index Fund, Lloyd said.

The only other mutual fund complex to post portfolio managers' activities on the web has been MetaMarkets Investments of San Francisco.