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Online Investing Opened to Disabled

TD Waterhouse and WeMedia, both of New York, have announced a partnership that will allow the brokerage firm to exclusively provide financial products to the users of WeMedia's website which is designed for people with disabilities.

"T.D. Waterhouse understands that there are people locked out of the Internet because they use assistive technology," said Cary Fields, president and CEO of WeMedia. People with physical disabilities like vision impairment can only gain access to the Internet using a computer equipped with special technology, Fields said. But, Fields estimates that 98 percent of the sites on the Internet are not accessible to computers with this special technology. WeMedia's website is one of the few exceptions, Fields said.

The partnership will allow users with the special technology on their computers to gain access to TD Waterhouse's website through a link on WeMedia's website, Fields said.

The site is currently being renovated and will be operating within 60 days, he said.