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Fidelity Adds to Advisor Resources

Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, one of three major business units of Fidelity Investments of Boston, has launched a new program designed to assist advisors in broadening their roles beyond providing advice on how to invest.

Fidelity LifeStage Planning, an online service, provides advisors with articles, sales strategies and references to websites related to various stages of life. The program does not promote any particular products.

The program enables advisors to provide their clients with practical information that they can use when considering such questions as: How do I prepare for the cost of medical care? What do I need to consider if I travel abroad for several months? Can I get financial aid if I go back to school?

"Advisors who understand their clients' life goals will build stronger relationships and be more successful in the future," said Deirdre Nectow, senior vice president of strategic marketing at Fidelity Investments Institutional Services, in a statement.

Advisors can gain access to the program through a Fidelity Institutional Investment Services password-protected website for advisors.