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Credit Suisse Plans New Print Ads

Credit Suisse Asset Management of New York, adviser to the Credit Suisse Warburg Pincus Funds, planned to run the first of four new print ads in The Wall Street Journal last week, according to the company.

Three other print ads were expected to follow as part of a new advertising campaign for which the firm has budgeted between $1.5 million and $2 million, said Gail Eisenkraft, head of retail marketing for the fund group.

The initial ad, which shows a man searching through a library's shelves, carries the headline, "Finding What You're Looking For Often Requires Knowing Which 99.99% to Ignore," and displays the firm's tagline: "Vision Beyond the Numbers," Eisenkraft said.

"Credit Suisse, as a mutual fund manager doesn't have a lot of retail brand recognition," Eisenkraft said. "The goal of these ads is to communicate who the Credit Suisse Warburg Pincus funds are and what kind of investment management firm we are."

To take its brand message to a broader audience, Credit Suisse will be running an ad from this new campaign in mid-June in the Money Section of USA Today for the first time, Eisenkraft said. Credit Suisse also plans to display the ads on large, glass-enclosed, indoor billboards at airports in Atlanta, Boston and Chicago, she said.