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Equity, Bond Funds See Inflows While Money Funds Lose $10 Billion

Equity funds experienced a net inflow of $4.69 billion in February, according to the Investment Company Institute. Combined with January's flows, equity funds have garnered $24.74 billion in net flows in the first two months of this year.

The net inflow into stock funds is due to the positive flows into domestic funds, which saw an inflow of $7.58 billion in February, according to the ICI. International funds, which gained a net $3.65 billion in January, had an outflow of $2.89 billion last month.

Bond funds experienced net inflows of $10.67 billion in February, the ICI reported. Of that, $8.33 billion went into taxable bond funds, and $2.34 billion into municipal bond funds. Hybrid funds had inflows of $2.34 billion.

Money market funds underwent a turnaround in February. After having net inflows of $13.98 billion in January, $5.45 billion flowed out of money funds in February. The outflow came from institutional money market funds. While retail money funds had a net inflow of $4.67 billion last month, institutional funds had an outflow of $10.12 billion, according to the ICI.