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Better Margins Outweigh Gathering New Assets, kasina Reports

Fund companies have only been marginally successful at distribution because they are more focused on gathering assets - as opposed to profits, a forthcoming kasina report indicates. Next-generation CRM (see MFMN 3/17/03) and focusing on individual business units, as opposed to the overall enterprise, are two ways firms can improve their distribution, kasina maintains.

Based on interviews with 70 asset management firms, the kasina report concludes that most firms use a three-tiered approach of prospects, producers and top producers, as opposed to looking at the value and profitability of each intermediary sales partner.

Preliminary data suggests that more than three-fourths, or 78% of asset management companies, do not use predictive models in their advisor segmentation schemes, while 75% don't have an accepted and documented definition of customer relationship value across all accounts and products.

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