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‘Panic Is Palpable’ as Markets Swoon on Brexit Vote Few Expected

– As the U.K.’s historic vote to leave the European Union jolted markets around the world, investors responded with a mix of shock, fear and excitement.

Laying a Tech Strategy, With BlackRock at Core

– LPL Chief Information Officer Victor Fetter discusses the firm's digital strategy and provides insight for every asset management firm.

Asset Managers Face Tougher Oversight as FSB Targets Risks

– Regulators say ETFs, mutual funds and other investment vehicles should be subject to additional oversight to ensure that managers can sell assets to meet investors’ demands during volatile markets.

ETFs to Be Wounded Not Crushed in a Stampede From Junk Bonds

– The Financial Stability Board concludes that an abrupt exit from the junk bond market won't hit ETF investors the hardest.

Blackstone Buys Stake in $13 Billion Distressed Fund Marathon

– The investment "helps with institutionalizing our firm," said Andrew Rabinowitz, Marathon Asset Management's newly appointed president.

Performance Is Trumping Safety in the Low-Volatility ETF Craze

– Investors are flocking to low-volatility, where nearly all ETFs are outperforming their respective markets — be it large-caps, small-caps or international equities.

Inside the Debate on Retirement Plans

– Executives from the Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association discuss challenges the nontraded REIT industry faces in light of the DoL's newly introduced fiduciary rule.

Why an Adviser Stopped Selling Nontraded REITs

– The question a Cetera adviser says he never wanted to get from a client: "How come this is $88,000 instead of $100,000?"

Funds Have Been Getting Hammered as Markets Reprice Fed Expectations

– "The market has now almost completely priced out a rate normalization cycle, pricing only one 25 basis point hike over the next three years," a team at Deutsche Bank wrote.

Someone Made a Big Bet on Small ETF That Treasuries Rally On

– The heavy buying in the ETF continued on Thursday, with two trades worth a combined $57 million.

Do New T-Shares Skirt Fiduciary Rules?

– In an almost immediate response, the industry created a new T share class, which replaces high, upfront commissions with trailing commissions.

Pimco Cuts Jobs After Decline in Assets Since Gross's Exit

– Pimco's $1.5 trillion in assets under management are down 25% from a high of $2 trillion in the first quarter of 2013.

Visium Future in Limbo as Hedge Fund's Star Manager Charged

– Sanjay Valvani was one of four people accused of insider trading and reaping more than $32 million from trades in drug companies using secret tips, according to federal prosecutors.

The Fed Is No Longer Dictating ETF Flows

– How investors' fear of stock market turmoil may be shaping the future of certain ETFs.

Vanguard CEO Sees Further Fee Cuts at Firm as Low Returns Loom

– "We're built to take advantage of economies of scale in this business," says Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Bill McNabb.