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How ETFs Can Lower Taxes on the Wealthiest

– Ballentine's clients invest in the U.S. equities market via ETFs. When the market was near its bottom, Ballentine had them sell those funds and buy into "like kind" ETFs, which they then rode back up.

Pimco Total Return Outflows Least Since Gross Exit

– Redemptions at Pimco's biggest mutual fund slowed to the lowest since Bill Gross left the firm, as performance rebounded.

Taking a View on Building Loyalty

– Neil Hennessy says he has managed to secure loyalty and productivity from every employee by providing creature comforts while also holding them to strict performance standards.

Bond Funds Brace for Outflows With Push Into Corporate-Debt ETFs

– Up to 10% of some corporate-debt funds’ holdings now consist of ETFs, a proportion that’s been rising for the past two years, research shows. Also, ETFs are also being used as an easy way to invest in bonds after receiving large inflows.

Bill Gross: I Can Still Beat the Market

– Bill Gross says he’ll keep trading for the next two to four years to prove he can still beat the market.

Active ETFs Get a Boost from Gundlach Launch

– The strong launch of an ETF with Jeffrey Gundlach's name behind it demonstrates there is room for more growth in actively managed ETFs, industry observers say.

Competition Pushes BlackRock to Reduce Fees on Five Bond ETFs

– BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, cut fees on five bond exchange-traded funds, joining rivals in lowering costs to attract more investors.

5 Financial Technology Moves to Watch

– Asset management firms need to pay heed to the innovations happening in "fintech" right now, as peers and upstart digital firms provide clients with new ways to invest and manage money, and potentially new business models for the financial industry.

Fund Giants Jointly Seek Protection from Bond Conundrum

– The world’s biggest money managers are mapping out proposals intended to grease trading in debt markets that regulators warn are at risk of seizing up in the event of a sudden rush by investors to pull cash.

Leveraged Lending Fears Spur Scrutiny

– Regulators are now starting to show interest in how ties between leveraged loans and other links in the systemic chain -- including investment funds that buy up loans -- could magnify credit losses.

Pimco Domination Fades in Developing-Nation Debt

– Pimco is seeing unprecedented client defections from its developing-nation mutual funds as poorly timed investments and below-average returns catch up with the firm. Customers have pulled about $10 billion since the start of 2013, according to data from the fund manager.

Focus on Making Money, Not Beating Indexes

– Taking a simple approach hasn't hindered performance at Neil Hennessy's firm, which reported $5.9 billion in assets under management at the end of 2014, a 33% increase from the previous year. In the first part of a conversation with Money Management Executive, Hennessy discussed his firm's approach and why it shuns some market trends.

A Chance to Invest With Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach

– The SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical exchange-traded fund launches today. It will be managed by Jeffrey Gundlach, who also runs the DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund, a top-performing mutual fund. It is the 26th ETF to be launched this year, but it is possibly the most important as a test of whether active management can ever thrive inside the ETF industry.

Taking a Smarter Approach to Social Media

– Web-savvy consumers now want greater engagement and information about brands before making a purchasing decision, and they're getting that information from influencers they follow on social media platforms. But the asset management industry in many ways is still working out how to connect with clients via social media.

Gross Fund Hurt by Oil’s Plunge as Bets on Energy Bonds Backfire

– Bill Gross’s $1.46 billion Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund trailed its benchmark in the fourth quarter of last year primarily because it had plowed about 5% of net assets into debt issued by U.S., Russian and Brazilian energy companies.