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A Global Perspective on Technology and Growth

– Now more than ever, all asset managers face a challenging and rapidly evolving environment that poses both risk and opportunity in technology as we look toward the end of this decade.

Franklin Profit Falls as Clients Pull From Top Bond Funds

– Franklin Resources, manager of the Franklin and Templeton mutual funds, said fiscal first-quarter profit fell 6.2% as investors pulled money from the firm’s best-known global bond funds.

Managing Regulation and Expectations

– The biggest challenge for any new firm considering an entry into the ETF market is overcoming the regulatory hurdles placed between a product and customers. Few understand that difficulty as keenly as Eric R. Ervin, CEO and co-founder of San Diego, Calif.,-based ETF provider Reality Shares.

Invesco Fourth-Quarter Profit Rises 5.6% as Assets Increase

– Invesco said fourth-quarter profit rose 5.6% as client assets increased.

Obama Cyber Initiatives Target Financial Firms

– A new effort by President Obama to tighten cybersecurity at financial institutions and other businesses could help light a fire under some firms that have historically been slower to react in the wake of a data breach and help financial institutions dealing with a tangle of confusing state laws.

At ETF Conference, Bond Market Concerns Surface

– The bond market's main concern is the ballooning ETF industry and how it has shaken up the traditional way to buy and sell debt.

Data Breaches Changing Security Vendor Roles

– For vendors in the data security realm serving asset managers, banks and other financial institutions, the Morgan Stanley data breach incident serves as a reminder of the greater roles they now have.

Iran Stock ETF Aims to Lure Foreigners

– Iran will get its first index exchange- traded fund tomorrow with the instrument’s creator betting on growing foreign demand for the nation’s stocks as it nears a deal to end sanctions over its nuclear program.

Earning That Mutual Fund Paycheck Gets Easier in Equities

– Buy an index fund and let the bull market guide you to a 44% gain. Most money managers who actually pick stocks couldn't match the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, let alone beat it. Thanks to three weeks of volatility, that’s beginning to change.

Can Outsourcing Handle Cybersecurity's Complexity?

– Defense in the cyberworld is difficult. The invisible duplication of information is intrinsic to computerized systems. Adding to this complexity, we now use global-spanning IT systems with numerous known and unknown dependencies.

Morningstar Names Fund Managers of the Year

– PRIMECAP, Dodge and Cox, Western Asset and Boston Partners are the latest winners of the Morningstar U.S. Fund Manager of the Year awards.

How ETFs Have Captured Investors

– Deborah Fuhr, a veteran ETF industry observer, says the explosive growth of ETFs is vindication for a product once dismissed by some investment professionals. In a discussion with Money Management Executive, Fuhr outlines factors that have led to the market's enthusiastic acceptance of ETFs.

SEC Regulator Who Oversaw Money Market Fund Rules to Leave

– The top regulator of mutual funds, private equity and hedge funds at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will step down later this month.

Digital Shift Drives Client Outreach

– As digital strategies move to the forefront, asset management firms are changing the way they think about their brands, how they communicate their offerings to potential clients - and the teams building that marketing outreach.

BlackRock Leads Funds Raising Credit Lines Amid Review

– BlackRock’s chief executive officer has warned the retreat of banks as counterparties in credit will create severe volatility. Regulators are preparing new rules for mutual funds to ensure that a sudden stampede out of funds won’t result in a downward price spiral that threatens the financial system.