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Chicago Schools Pay Bigger Bond-Market Penalty Than Puerto Rico

– The nation’s third-largest school district, with almost 400,000 students, is on the brink of insolvency after years of skipping pension payments.

Tweet This: Curb Your Fear of Social Media

– Jeremy Floyd, president of BPV Capital Management, says the fear marketing departments express of new regulations is not a valid enough reason for managers to ignore social media.

Franklin Profit Drops 21% as AUM Declines

– Franklin Resources said fiscal first-quarter profit dropped 21 % as the selloff in emerging markets and energy stocks and bonds erodes assets.

Vanguard Fund Expense Ratios Fall Again

– Vanguard says the expense reductions are a win for investors, but the fund provider industry is less enthusiastic, seeing the fee reductions as a grind to zero where product profitability disappears.

Cyber Security Stocks Can’t Hack Rally With $700 Million Cut

– A five-year-old index tracking network security firms has slipped 14% in 2016, more than double the loss for the S&P 500.

Fidelity Writes Down Snapchat Holding by 2 Percent

– Mutual funds have recently marked down the values of their stakes in several private technology companies. The moves are another jolt of sobriety for Silicon Valley startups as they face a tighter fundraising environment.

Five Unforgettable Quotes From the World’s Biggest ETF Conference

– A somewhat darker tone could be observed emitting from the conference this year.

SEC’s Former Top Hand on Mutual Funds to Join Kirkland & Ellis

– Norm Champ, a former SEC official who shaped rules meant to prevent runs on money-market mutual funds, is joining law firm Kirkland & Ellis.

Transitioning to Web-Based Applications

– Managers are lacking in everything from entitlements, to data control, to network defense and lastly, people do not understand their risk.

Regs in 2016 to Require Additional Investment in Time and Money

– Regulators have placed greater emphasis on ensuring firms better understand and manage their own liquidity risk.

How Will Regulators Respond to an Increased Use of Beta?

– The bond market, which has seen a bit of a rally in the 10-year space due to demands associated with a flight to quality, will inevitably continue to see downward pressure

Fund Boards Come Under Scrutiny

– Rather than just one area of focus, funds and their boards are facing an increasingly active SEC in a number of significant areas.

NYSE’s $2 Trillion ETF Business Sees Heightened Competition

– The New York Stock Exchange may still be the king of ETFs among U.S. stock markets, but challengers to the throne are gaining ground.

Thinking About Liquidity, Derivatives, and Cybersecurity

– When thinking about liquidity, the SEC wants fund companies to do more to ensure that investors can get their money out. In addition, mutual fund companies could be forced to implement swing pricing.

Biggest Money Managers Buying High-Grade Bonds

– After corporate debt investors suffered through the worst-ever start to a year, some of Wall Street’s biggest money managers and strategists say it’s time to start buying.