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401(k) plan access seen to promote financial confidence

– Employees are gaining confidence in their short-term finances but the majority is still not saving enough for retirement.

It's Turning Into a Brutal Game of Survivor for ETFs

– Only 10% of ETFs are in positive territory, after market selloffs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and a plunge in commodity prices.

Execs at Morningstar Conference See the Silver Lining of Digital Disruption

– One inevitable change caused by low-cost, online competition is how advisors will structure their compensation, said Brian Leitner, senior vice president of practice management at Mariner Wealth Advisors.

CSOP Cuts China ETF Fee, Plans New Funds Following Stock Rout

– CSOP Asset Management lowered the fee on its first U.S. exchange-traded fund tracking Chinese stocks and plans to start two ETFs after an equity rout wiped out $5 trillion in market value.

Shelby Questions Role of FSB in U.S. Bank Policy

– Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby sent a letter to regulators this week raising concerns about the role of the Financial Stability Board in designating large banks as systemically risky and whether the international council has undue influence on U.S. policy.

WisdomTree Looks to Fed to Boost Dollar-Hedged ETFs as Flows Ebb

– The Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate increase in almost a decade can’t come soon enough for ETF providers such as WisdomTree Investments.

For UBS, No End Soon to Puerto Rico Fund Fallout

– Angry customers have filed hundreds of arbitration claims with FINRA, seeking more than $1.1 billion in damages from UBS after huge losses in the tax-free bond funds. Three of UBS Puerto Rico's five offices have closed since 2010, and nearly 60 of the unit's 140 financial advisors have left.

Low Bond Liquidity May Trap Investors When Rates Climb, IMF Says

– The IMF warns a flood of easy money from the world’s central banks may be masking the risk that bond markets may be starved for liquidity when interest rates increase to normal levels.

Fed's Tarullo Eyes Market Regulations for Asset Managers

– Rules dealing with liquidity and other market-related items may be a better strategy for asset managers than higher capital requirements, said Federal Reserve Board Gov. Daniel Tarullo.

Proposed Liquidity Risk Rules Stir Concerns

– New, sweeping SEC proposals aimed at enhancing the liquidity risk management practices of mutual funds and ETFs have the asset management industry greatly concerned about unintended consequences affecting their businesses.

Connecticut Tax Bonds Draw Buyers Losing Faith in State Pledges

– Connecticut's $840 million bond sale this week is drawing interest from Conning, Eaton Vance Management and Nuveen Asset Management.

This Is the Best ETF of the Past 10 Years

– The PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio is up 420% over the past 10 years.

A Year After Gross Exit, TCW Leads Winners as Pimco Sheds Assets

– TCW’s Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund collected more money than any other bond mutual fund in the year following Bill Gross’ sudden departure from Pimco.

Billions for Well-Timed Cybersecurity ETF

– The PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF launched in November. By July, The fund, listed as HACK, attracted $1.4 billion - one of the fastest ascents in ETF history.

Growing Alts Demand Spurs Advisor Training

– Advisor interest in alternative investment training is booming as they seek to better explain and sell their clients on alt offerings.