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Integral Launches Currency Trading System

Asset managers seeking a solution for currency trading now have a new option available to them.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Integral Development Corp. today announced the launch of InvestorFX, a fully automated solution that caters to the currency trading needs of investment managers.

"We're targeting investment and asset managers who have a currency need based on the international allocation of their portfolio. This could be a pension fund, this could be a mutual fund, this could be a hedge fund depending on how much exposure they have," said corporate marketing director Matthias Beckmann.

InvestorFX delivers on three key aspects that are of concern for investment managers: optimal netting, execution management and process automation. Integral's execution management system and liquidity aggregation platform in particular are supported by a built-in algorithm, facilitating the execution of large trades across multiple liquidity providers and their price tiers.

"The problem InvestorFX solves is a lot of fund managers have a number of different funds where they have to execute trades on a fund-by-fund basis. The key capability is, if you're a fund manager and you executive all these trades, you incur transaction costs. In order to avoid that, you have to net as much as possible up front and only execute smaller trades in the market. That's what we do, we provide them with a sophisticated algorithm that matches all that," Beckmann said.

InvestorFX is a service delivered in the cloud and hosted by Integral. Users can go live without having to set up, own or operate any IT infrastructure or install any software.