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Mutual Funds Back in the Black

After two weeks of devastating outlfows, especially in domestic equities, mutual funds seem to have finally recovered their groove somewhat.

According to Investment Company Institute data, the industry saw $4.09 billion in total estimated inflows after two consecutive weeks of outflows — $5.57 billion the week ended Nov. 20, and $2.99 billion the week ended Nov. 14.

Numbers were boosted by hybrid funds, which recovered from two weeks of outflows of about $1.2 billion each with inflows of $143 million last week, and better, but still not positive, flows from equity funds. Equity again saw outflows, though only $496 million compared with $8.8 billion the week ended Nov. 20.

Bond funds stayed positive, continuing to produce consistently inflows, but are on a steady decline. The category scored just under $4.438 billion last week, compared with its most recent peak at $7.47 billion the week ended Nov. 7, and $4.443 billion the week ended Nov. 20.