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Gundlach Flagship Outflows Rise to $1.4 Billion in November

President-elect Trump will likely to be "bond unfriendly" because his proposals will drive up yields by increasing national debt and stoking inflation, Gundlach predicts.

BlackRock's Currency ETF Struggle Flags Unconquered Niche

Just 23 of more than 1,750 funds that trade in the U.S. focus on currencies. BlackRock has none.

Gross Warns That Trump Rally Built on False Promise of Growth

"An investor should move to cash and cash alternatives," he advised.

How a $60B Fund With Four-Decade Alpha Awaits Trump

Its managers are debating whether it's time to move away from so-called secular growth companies.

Diversification's Role Under President Trump

The ongoing trend to passive or smart beta products will continue, according to Maxwell Gold, the director of investment strategy at ETF Securities.