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Operations & Technology


As Low Volatility Booms Investors Wonder If Elation Will Last

Trend-following investors have been slow to the low volatility pool as analysts warn its advance may be unsustainable.

Vanguard Says Currency Markets Fall Short in Curbing 'Last Look'

Critics say the option to back out of trades can be misused, allowing some firms to glean the intentions of other participants.

Expert View: Culture Change — Time to Put Away the Red Pen

The need for more sophistication in fund reporting is higher than ever.

Religious ETFs Expand to Bonds as 'Values Investing' Catches On

The funds' success at asset gathering underlines an increasing interest from retail buyers, in addition to institutional investors.

Theories Challenged by Low-Volatility Gains

Analysis from a Symmetry Partners research executive questions whether higher risk really leads to higher returns.