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‘Panic Is Palpable’ as Markets Swoon on Brexit Vote Few Expected

As the U.K.’s historic vote to leave the European Union jolted markets around the world, investors responded with a mix of shock, fear and excitement.

ETFs to Be Wounded Not Crushed in a Stampede From Junk Bonds

The Financial Stability Board concludes that an abrupt exit from the junk bond market won't hit ETF investors the hardest.

Performance Is Trumping Safety in the Low-Volatility ETF Craze

Investors are flocking to low-volatility, where nearly all ETFs are outperforming their respective markets — be it large-caps, small-caps or international equities.

Why an Adviser Stopped Selling Nontraded REITs

The question a Cetera adviser says he never wanted to get from a client: "How come this is $88,000 instead of $100,000?"

Funds Have Been Getting Hammered as Markets Reprice Fed Expectations

"The market has now almost completely priced out a rate normalization cycle, pricing only one 25 basis point hike over the next three years," a team at Deutsche Bank wrote.



Driving Front-office Success Through Tech & Ops

While IT budgets at buy-side firms have not fully recovered from the cutbacks of the Great Recession, front-office demands keep growing in quantity, complexity and required speed of response.

Executive Briefing

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) announced it has entered into an agreement with Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DeAWM) to acquire DeAWM's stable value business, with total assets under supervision of $21.6 billion as of June 30, 2013

Are There Alternatives to Traditional Expense Allocation Methodologies?

Mutual fund families have traditionally left the topic of how to allocate certain fund expenses to management and fund officers.

Goldman Research's Greater Long-Term Gains

Rob Goldman founded Goldman Small Cap Research (GSCR)--not affiliated with Goldman Sachs--in 2009. He has over 20 years of investment and research experience as a senior research analyst and as a portfolio and mutual fund manager.

Novel ETFs, Mutual Funds Making Their Mark

Innovation is a constant in any industry, but sometimes in the fund business its mark is not always obvious.