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Regulation & Compliance


Gross Warns That Trump Rally Built on False Promise of Growth

"An investor should move to cash and cash alternatives," he advised.

Diversification's Role Under President Trump

The ongoing trend to passive or smart beta products will continue, according to Maxwell Gold, the director of investment strategy at ETF Securities.

Whiff of Danger in Bank Stocks Returning $300B in 25 Days

The catalyst is Trump, whose election, according to Macquarie Group analyst David Konrad, will usher in a "new world order" for the industry.

Virtu Sees Human Error Hampering Part of the ETF Market

The mechanism for creating and turning over shares of ETFs needs more automation, Virtu told the SEC in a letter.

M&A Opportunity Under a Trump Administration

Advisors Asset Management CEO Scott Colyer says loosening regulatory reigns may free up spending previously directed toward compliance.