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Regulation & Compliance


SEC Clears Rules For Speedier Approval of Actively Managed ETFs

The newly approved rule could shave months off the process of getting active ETFs on the market.

Investors Are Getting Ripped Off on Index Fund Fees, Lawsuits Say

Index funds often benefit from a low-cost halo. They don't all deserve to bask in that glow.

Cost-Cutting Efforts Secure ETFs’ Future

As the industry endures market volatility and the onslaught of federal regulations, the search for cost reductions has become vital.

Bear Stearns Insurers Can’t Shake Bill for 2006 Settlement

JPMorgan Chase, which acquired the company in 2008, is still trying to get insurers to foot part of the bill.

Democrats Assail Wall Street With Plan That May Hit Mom and Pop

The party supports a financial transaction tax to rein in "excessive speculation" and fast traders that have "threatened financial markets."