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Sales & Marketing


Focus on Making Money, Not Beating Indexes

Taking a simple approach hasn't hindered performance at Neil Hennessy's firm, which reported $5.9 billion in assets under management at the end of 2014, a 33% increase from the previous year. In the first part of a conversation with Money Management Executive, Hennessy discussed his firm's approach and why it shuns some market trends.

Taking a Smarter Approach to Social Media

Web-savvy consumers now want greater engagement and information about brands before making a purchasing decision, and they're getting that information from influencers they follow on social media platforms. But the asset management industry in many ways is still working out how to connect with clients via social media.

Tone Your Firm's Message With a Brand Exercise

Think about the firms you consider to have the best brands. An ideal brand conveys a strong message intended to lead prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

Leveraged Loans Need to Reshape Their Pitch as Individuals Flee

Mutual funds that buy loans saw $4 billion yanked last month, bringing total outflows for the 12 months ended Jan. 31 $28.7 billion, according to Morningstar data. That’s the biggest withdrawal for any U.S. debt asset class in the period.

A Tactical Approach to Managing Risk

Jerry Murphey recalls trying to apply tactical risk management solutions after the 2001 market shocks. "It was clear that financial markets would continue to move faster than investor expectations and financial advisors would need tactical risk management."



Educational Initiatives: Driving Engagement and Asset Growth

As the mutual fund universe becomes more crowded and the strategies offered to investors become more complex, fund managers are under pressure to further differentiate themselves and their brands from the competition. One way to stand out is to make investor and financial intermediary education a key element of any communications plan to drive brand awareness and asset growth. …

Executive Briefing

Morgan Stanley and Co. has agreed to pay $100,000 to the New Jersey Bureau of Securities. This came after Bureau investigators found the company was in violation of state securities laws and regulations in its sale of non-traditional exchange-traded funds to investors.

Funds Find New Ways to Woo Shareholders

Finding ways to reach shareholders with an appropriate message and choosing the medium to do so consumes the resources of many a fund company. Firms need to communicate bad news to shareholders in a gentle manner, trumpet the good news and economize the delivery of mandated disclosure information.

JOBS Act Decision - Transforming or Trivial?

Views are mixed on the impact of the recent Securities and Exchange Commission decision to lift the general solicitation ban on private securities offerings.

Embrace Multimedia To Attract Millennial Clients

The members of Generation Y, also known as "millennials," have vastly different backgrounds and expectations than the generations before them. Today's 20-somethings can't remember a time without smartphones or the ability to access the information most important to them whenever they need it. It would be easy for some mutual fund managers to assume that millennials lack the same mindset or appetite for risk when it comes to investing and saving than previous generations, and view attracting them to mutual funds as a Herculean task. However, both of these assumptions are false. If managers embrace the technology and engagement with companies they trust that millennials have grown up with, they can successfully grow their assets by appealing to this relatively untapped investor base.